Entry #1

Hey hey

2015-07-01 14:23:57 by TheRailz

Heyo, I'm Cole / TheRailz. Been using Newgrounds for 10 or so years now, but for some reason only recently made an account. 

I'm an artist and have an interest in animation, and would like to dabble in it someday.

You can find my stuff over on deviantart and my art blog. I tend to draw anime-esque pin-ups, monster girls, and cartoony pics. SFW for the most part aside from some risque or suggestive pictures, though there may be occassional nudity. Anything more lewd or flat out porn goes to my NSFW blog, though I don't draw that kinda content often.

Also find me on twitter or my personal tumblr.

Anyways, I'll be uploading some content here soon! Hope you all enjoy. :)


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